The process for converting solid carbonaceous substances into liquid synthetic oils used by our technology is based on several patents by Professor Wilfried Schraufstetter, a partner of the ESA AG group. High-quality synthetic fuels are produced. The essential part of the process has been known for more than 40 years through the catalytic conversion of fossil fuels by synthesis and subsequent condensation of liquid hydrocarbon vapors in the distillation columns. The state of the art today is an industrially sustainable factory.

At the heart of this recycling technology is a CCC reactor (Cold Catalytic Conversion). The CCC reactor is modular, it can handle between 17 and 32 tons of waste per day. It runs 24 hours a day. Unlike all other recycling technologies, a single CCC reactor can handle different types of waste without any physical changes. 

The reactor operates almost without pressure (less than 1 bar), so there is no danger from the operation itself. At the outlet of the reactor the oil vapors evaporate. The resulting substances are condensed, purified and collected in different tanks, depending on the chains of Hydrocarbons ready for further use.


The reactor can recycle several types of residential and industrial waste like used tires, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, textile, and organics. RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) pretreated waste, dried and granulated, fed to an extruder where they are compressed.


From the recycling waste, we can obtain several types of fuels.  The quantity of fuels extracted depends on the type of waste.


Our fuel can be refined to several kinds of oils like Methane, Nafta, Gasoline, Kerosene, and Diesel.


As we can obtain fuels, we can obtain electricity and heat by cogeneration wich can be sold directly to industries.


Valorisation of all types of waste

Clean environment

Renewable energy

Cogeneration and sale of heat for neighboring plants

Maximum processing time 10 minutes

Reduction of the ecological footprint of waste

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