We can Generate energy from several types of waste


We promote a unique technology, and very cost effective industrial process, base on the Cold Catalytic Conversion technique, that allows the production of light synthetic fuel oil, with a high calorific value, and very low Carbon footprint. The final product has several uses, and is highly valued by consumers. 

Our Mission : Energizing waste, Powering a cleaner industry.  
Our Value : Commitment to sustainability and fairness.
Our Vision :  Protecting Earth, empowering People.   

Range of waste recycling

Who We Are?
What We Do?

EnVert is a holding company owned by Thermo Transcal Inc. and  BIOCON GmbH/ESA AG. 

Thermo Transcal inc. is specialized in thermal engineering, it has developed expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative heat exchangers, reliable and very safe; it has a portfolio of more than 2 000 installations around the world. Thermo Transcal inc. is the controlling shareholder of the Holding.

BIONON GmbH and ESA AG are a German company that  specializes in the development and manufacture of equipment that recovers energy from waste. There are three turnkey plants, in Hannover, in Munchen Germany, and in Albacete, Spain.

We work as a team and combine our talents so we developped an innovative technology that has solved the problem of recycling waste in a cost-effective way. This technology is based on the Cold Catalytic Conversion technique. We are lying on a successful industrial scale-up of this technology to convert several types of waste into fuels with the same industrial process.


The technology developed provides several economic and environmental benefits

High profitability
Minimum maintenance
Neutral ecological impact

Our Solution is the first implemented in North America.

Waste management facility that combusts wastes to produce fuel, heat, and electricity

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