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business development
Consultant and project shareholder
  • Business Development consultant and shareholder
  • Research and Development consultant

    Abdellatif BEN ABDELLAH holds a Master degree in Physics Engineering from Lorraine University (Metz), France and received in 1994 his Ph.D  in liquid alloys transport properties from the same university with a thesis on Contribution to study the electronic transport properties of manganese liquids alloys and atomic transport of Gallium-Lead liquid presented a miscibility gap. In 2009, he received D. Phil (Doctorat d’état) from Abdelmalek Essadi University on a thesis “Contribution to study the electronic and atomic transport properties of gallium - lead liquid alloy presented a miscibility gap”.

    His research area is in the physics of condensed matter, he investigates the electronic properties of liquid metals, from the experimental and theoretical point of view. He has published over 60 articles in international journals. He held many invited consultant/ visiting professor at Physics and Dense Matter Lab (France), and Sutlan Qaboos University (Oman).

    He has more than hundred fifty patents. He received several national and international prizes in the innovation and research and development field. In 2007 he was awarded the first prize in the "Made in Arabia World Competition". He received the Best Researcher prize at Abdelmalek Essaadi University in 2009 and 2017.

    Currently, he is a professor at Mechanical Engineering at College of Sciences and Techniques of Tangier, and consultant at R&D platform of Rabat International University, Morocco.

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